Agence Marketing et Coaching



Advice & Strategy

Success and optimisation are to be found in details.


Develop ideas to motivate participants and unite around a shared project.

Création of institutional communication

«Understand. Search ideas to enhance essential elements. Identify relevance, meaning and the spirit of corporate communication».

Accompaniment of press relations France & International

Surf on information with intelligence and elegance, efficiently linking media plans, press relations, social networks and prescribers.

Project coordination

Maintain human links and unite around engaging projects to reach goals.

Management Coaching

Understand company requirements, analyse relevant questions, concentrate on strategic priorities to support and open up the vision and recognition of company directors.


In a moving world, nothing is better than the force and art of images to transmit the deepest messages.

Events & Exhibitions

Communication and buzz to develop recognition and demand for a trademark depends on the quality of receptions, hosting, representation. Heidi & Hub believes in developing an underlying theme to strengthen the essential link with the strategies and fundamental principles of a company, creating stimulating experiences.

Works 25 May 2016