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The Agency

«I pay attention to my clients requirements as I would look after a vineyard or a wine, vintage after vintage. I take meticulous care of their projects».

Heidi & Hub uncovered their first vintage in 2015. Rich in perspectives and promise for the future, it revealed the agency’s creative capacity and the start of stimulating collaborations.
After 20 years of business experience, Heidi shares her competence and expertise as a specialist in Marketing and Communication in France and abroad.
Humour, Creativity, Finesse & Elegance are the keywords for the agency, highly attached to a unique, personal accompaniment for each of our customers.
We stimulate ideas, pilot projects towards their success, following the details of each realisation to obtain results which are always efficient, meaningful, elegant and striking.




Agency Director

She orchestrates and conducts all of the agency’s projects. Heidi creates challenges. Of dual nationality(Dutch and French), her roots are as much linked to the North as the South.
Voyages and stimulating encounters have forged her resolutely modern approach, turned towards the spirit of the times.
She is an expert in a multi-dimensional profession in which authentic human and countryside values are essential.

Her Curriculum

  • Master 2 Commerce des vins
  • Coach en Psychosocionomie
  • WSET Levels 2
  • BTS Commerce International

Her references :

  • Sieur d’Arques
  • Val d’Orbieu / Vinadéis
  • Domaines Bonfils
  • Lorgeril
  • Foncalieu
  • AOC Cabardès
  • IUT Technique de commercialisation, Domaine Universitaire d’Auriac
  • ISV Montpellier


Her capacity to listen, analyse and reach a clear view of multiple factors has enabled her to coordinate, cooperate, communicate, create and enhance envigorating projects. She senses evolutions while respecting traditions and skills, resolutely open to the contemporary world.

Particular Signs

Prefered colour: orange // A Globetrotter// A passionate art and culture enthusiast// Curious and life loving//Epicurean// Constantly on the look out for charming places // Under lying personal signature : the tulip.
Her secret ?«Develop links, meaning and added value in my missions».


And to accompany her…


Trainee assistant Marketing & Com’
She assists Heidi in her daily tasks. The agency’s second team member.

Expertise :

Project director, book creation/ Customer follow up / Development of H & H agency’s commercial and organisational tools/ Competition analysis

Particular signs :

An authentic fashion chameleon// A regular roamer, constantly discovering new destinations // A gastronomic connoisseur// Natural and mysterious// food& wine lover // her favourite colour; pink// her favourite actor; Louis de Funès // Delightfully humouristic, constantly curious.
Her daily motto: «Be happy today, tomorrow it will be too late.»

HEIDI the network specialist

Heidi & Hub work in close collaboration with a network of partners according to the needs of each project.
The agency is well surrounded by a pole of free-lance experts ; an artistic director, webmaster, illustrater, photographer…
Within this highly creative group of talents, Heidi & Hub can provide an exceptional level of professionalism and ideas in a flexible environment: diagnostics, recommendations, precisely defined action plans, creation of promotional tools.
A highly developed sense of organisation and a philosophy for a new style of interaction, entirely free of constraints.


Heidi&hub it’s:

  • Listen
  • Understand & identify
  • Market position
  • Develop trademark environments and identities
  • Create emotion
  • Explain
  • Imagine
  • Inspire Dreams
  • Revelance and meaning
  • Enhance
  • Communicate & promote
The Agency 25 May 2016